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CAPIOX® FX Advance Oxygenator

Advanced to the Next Level​ The Capiox® FX Advance Oxygenator with Integrated Arterial Filter advances your oxygenator to the next level by enhancing flow dynamics resulting in lower reservoir minimum operating levels and increased maximum blood flow rates. Now, you can expand your options and choose a smaller, lower prime oxygenator for even more patients.


The design of the Capiox® FX Advance Oxygenator contributes to fewer blood transfusions

Improved flow dynamics reduces blood turbulence and enhance gaseous microemboli removal

Rotating, curved venous inlet enhances ease-of-use

Increased maximum blood flow to 5 L/min on the CAPIOX® FX15 Advance Oxygenator, with 3.000 mL reservoir, for use on a wider range of patients

Decreased minimum operating level of 150 mL on the CAPIOX® FX15 and FX25 Advance Oxygenators, with the 4.000 mL reservoir, reduces hemodilution


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