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About Us

Spectra Group is a privately held and managed Egyptian Medical Supplies Firm that has been in the market for more than 25 years. Dr. Ayman Ahmed Rateb founded the firm in 1994 with a clear vision to support the growing Blood Transfusion sector and aid in its development. His vision has since become a reality, in which SG is a market leader in the Blood Transfusion sector and has since branched out in various other medical fields with partnerships with hospitals, blood banks and governmental and private agencies and entities across the Nation. The company specializes in Blood Transfusion/ Hematology, Cardio-Vascular Surgery and Bone Marrow transplantation equipment, machinery and project management. Having set a concrete-like foundation in the medical sector in Egypt, Spectra Group is currently investigating further expansion into other medical fields, where the firm can incorporate the same levels of professionalism and patient-centric drive for excellence.

Spectra Group provides a comprehensive range of supplies and equipment to customers all over Egypt through a network of distributors and hardworking medical representatives.

The company continues to enjoy excellent growth through broadening of its market coverage, continuous service/ maintenance improvement and delivering of advanced technologies.

Our reputation as a leading supplier has been established by maintaining a close working relationship with both our agents and our customers characterized by professionalism and enterprising cooperation.

Our Vision

Spectra Group thrives to be on top of the medical field in Egypt. For 28 years, it has placed itself as a fierce competitor valuing Patients health, Quality standards and Professionalism in its fields of expertise. 

SG consistently works on expanding its wide range of products and operating fields such as laboratory equipment, as well as conquering new fields with diversified experience and finesse. 

Through strategy focused approach and organizational methodologies, the Group aims at constantly and steadily increasing its market share in the medical sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt by growing its range of products, cooperating with the best international firms to offer the latest in technology, health care and providing outstanding after-sales service through well trained and signed off representatives and engineers.


SG has demonstrated a growing performance and presence in the market since it’s incorporation, naturally gathering many awards as the years went by, below are some of the most notable awards received.

2013; 2014; 2017

Best Distributor Award - Terumo BCT


Best Achievement - Therapeutics systems - Terumo BCT


Premium Distributor - EKF