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Beating Heart & Surgical Stabilization

Herc Flex™ Stabilizer Arm

Precise positioning and effective stabilization during on- and off-pump surgery The new Herc Flex™ Stabilizer Arms provide a multifunctional and reusable platform for both on- and off-pump cardiac surgery support. Due to their new design, the Herc Flex™ offers exceptional visualization and access to vessels during beating heart bypass surgery, while maintaining maximum stability and control. The new Arms pair with all Terumo off-pump disposables, including Atlas™ Positioner Attachments, Titan™ and Titan™ Flex Stabilizers, as well as Assistant™ and Assistant™ Flex Attachments with StableSoft™ Technology. As the Hercules™ Universal Stabilizer Arm, the Herc Flex™ also allows for full 360° articulation.

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