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Spectra Group is a privately held and managed Egyptian Medical Supplies Firm, founded in 1994 by Dr. Ayman Ahmed Rateb, that has been in the market for more than 25 years. The company specializes in the Blood Transfusion/ Hematology, Cardio-Vascular Surgery and Bone Marrow transplantation equipment, machinery and project management.


VirtuoSaph® Plus Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting

Easier minimally invasive technology to deliver the optimal vessel for CABG Endoscopic products allow clinicians to perform minimally

AQUABRID® Surgical Sealant

​Ideal for wet conditions AQUABRID® is a fully synthetic surgical sealant for aortic surgical procedures. In

Spectra Optia

The Spectra Optias system is an industry-leading therapeutic apheresis, cell processing and cell collection platform

Reveos Automated Blood Processing System

Automation can improve operations and deliver impressive benefits to your blood center. The Reveos system

Notable projects

"Under Construction"

Alexandria Uni Hospital - Al-Moassah

Expansion upon the BMT unit completed in 2012. Supply and Assembly of 7 Bone Marrow Transplant Units.


Oncology Center Mansoura University - OCMU

Supply and Assembly of 8 Bone Marrow Transplant Units.


For 25+ years SG has proven itself to be an invaluable partner to more than 15 manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.