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Spectra Optia

The Spectra Optias system is an industry-leading therapeutic apheresis, cell processing and cell collection platform that allows operators to spend more time focusing on patient care. This advanced system uses continuous-flow centrifugation and optical detection technology, providing operators the ability to perform a wide variety of apheresis procedures on a single platform.


Easy to Use

Minimize training and reduce inventory and storage with tubing sets designed for multiple procedure types Control procedures with real-time interface monitoring, interpretation and adjustment with the automated interface management (AIM) system Easily move and store the Spectra Optia system with its compact and stable design, including a collapsible monitor and IV pole

Focus on Patients, Not Technology

Focus on patient comfort and safety with optimized fluid balance, customized anticoagulant infusion management and tubing sets with low extracorporeal volume Access procedure data quickly and easily on the intuitive touch screen while reducing the need for manual calculations

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