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Taylor Wharton Cryo Vessels

The number of applications for liquefied gases is constantly increasing. Special vessels are needed not only for cryogenic storage of biological material but also for many industrial applications. Taylor-Wharton  cryogenic  vessels  are  based  on the  principle  of  complete thermal  insulation. They consist of an inner vessel and an outer body separated  by  a  stable  vacuum,  which  virtually precludes any transfer of heat from the ambient environment to the inner vessel.

Taylor Wharton Cryo Vessels

Additional layers provide what is referred to as superinsulation to protect the vessel against the warming effect of infrared radiation.Taylor-Wharton cryogenic vessels are designed to hold either canisters or racks. Depending on the application the material can be stored in the liquid phase or in the vapour phase of the tank.

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