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Controlled Rate Freezers

SY-LAB Controlled Rate Freezers of the "IceCube" Series feature a double computer concept, touch control, semi automatic compensation of latent heat for highest viability rates, high resolution of freezing curves, the transparent hinged lid and various chamber accessories for a huge number of applications. Depending on the task various control modes are available in the software.

IceCube® Computer Controlled Freezers

Controlled rate freezing is an established procedure for the cryopreservation of biologic material in research and clinical applications. In-line with GMP protocols, cell material can be frozen then stored at cryogenic temperatures.

IceCube devices achieve reliable, reproducible results with maximum operational safety. They are used for clinical, veterinary abd research tasks for controlled rate freezing and thawing of specimen. Medical Device Directive (MDD) certification is available.

The intuitive, flexible IceCube Series is designed specifically to meet current and future challenges of cryopreservation.

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