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Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 – Heart Lung Machine

Proven design — continuously enhanced to increase safety and reduce risk. Since its introduction in 2002, perfusionists and surgical teams have relied on the Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 to deliver the highest quality care and achieve the best possible patient outcomes. To maintain this standard of excellence, the technology and design of the Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 have continuously evolved, resulting in an exceptional heart-lung machine for the perfusion team. Not always outwardly visible, many recent design changes have been built “inside,” ensuring reliable and consistent performance, and allowing the user’s focus to stay where it should be — on the patient.


A Legacy of Safety and Usability that Clinicians Count On

Flexible: From basic to complex configurations, the Terumo® Advanced Perfusion System 1 evolves as user needs change. Modular: Components can function and be controlled individually. Centralized Control: Intuitive user control is facilitated through Central Control Monitor (CCM). Advanced Functions: Added safety connections and pump response features can be activated at any time. Redundancy: Safety and control functions are designed with system redundancy to provide users confidence in reducing risk.

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