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Blood banking

Helmer Platelet Storage Systems

Industry-leading performance and innovation for optimized storage of life-saving platelets.

Platelet Agitators and Incubators

Pro Line Platelet Agitators are designed to be used within a Pro Line Platelet Incubator or free-standing. Pro Line agitators provide continuous gentle agitation for the optimal storage of critical, life-saving platelets. A motion alarm ensures platelets remain in continuous motion. Variable agitation speed helps meet the needs of local regulations and other specific applications.

Pro Line Platelet Incubators are designed to work together with Pro Line Platelet Agitators for the storage of critical, life-saving platelets. The small footprint of the PC100-Pro fits easily on any countertop. Powered by AdvanceCore™ technology, Pro Line platelet incubators offer innovations in performance, reliability, monitoring and efficiency for optimized platelet storage.

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